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Cruz Inn
The Cruz Inn,    Dorado,    Puerto Rico

The Cruz Inn, is located in the quiet town of Dorado, in  Puerto Rico.  
Cruz Inn is close to shopping, Golfing, Swimming and a variety of
leisure activities.  Just 15 minuets west of San Juan, along the Atlantic
coast; the Cruz Inn is directly across from a local yet surprisingly quiet
Nolos Morales State Park.  This is one of the quieter locations for family
activities.  The Beach area is divided into two sections, separated by a
Break-Water.  On the west side is a long lovely stretch of sand and shaded
beach area.  There are several Life-guard towers (
not always manned) , and
several Shower station, along with a clean changing building (no lockers
or storage).  The beach continues west, fronting the local Golf Resort
(beaches to the high tide mark are open to the public ), ending as the shore
goes around a rocky head.
To the East, and directly across from the Cruz Inn, is the family Beach.  
Here to there is a Life-Guard tower, open shower  (
four adjustable faucets
break-water.  At water edge, depths are shallow enough for even the
youngest swimmer.   

The street fronting the Park and the Cruz Inn are regularly patrolled,
and  Families have no problem crossing at any point.  (
10 MPH posted and
enforced speed limit
Our property is ideal for singles, couples and families.  Each unit is
equipped with Color TV, Small Refrigerator, and Microwave.  There is a full
bathroom with Shower and each room has twin beds.  
The community areas includes the Veranda,  Living-Room complete with
Color TV,
Dinning area, and kitchen area.  These area are open to all guest
on a
shared basis.  
The Cruz Inn has plenty of parking within our gated on site lot.  Guest are
issued there own gate key which also accesses  the  gated second floor
landing. (
Gate is locked after 6pm, and guest use same  key as parking gate )  
The individual units and all amenities are located on the second floor,  
above the traffic, yet affording  the shading of the palms, and beautiful
view of the beach and Atlantic beyond and .   (
sorry  no elevator, guest must
be able to climb.
The area offers a variety of local food establishments, from the
Resturante Palmar, which  is directly below the Cruz Inn, to the Canitna
at the parks main gate.  For those who seek a more formal dinning there is
the local Italian cuisine, only a block from
Cruz Inn, West along the main
road.  Need something fast for the kids? Worry not, recognized fast foods
are available at the shopping center, near
Cruz Inn ( you pass them on
the way in)
Our Gated Parking
Don't forget that booking mid-week airfares
might well pay for your stay at the Cruz Inn,
not to mention the great experience you will
have and the friendly people you will meet